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Payment methods

Payment methods

• Cash On Delivery: You can pay your order by paying the price upon recieving the product to the location you selected. Payments with cash on delivery are subject to a surcharge of xx, xx plus 24% VAT. 

• Credit, Debit Card: Select a payment by "credit or debit card". You are automatically transferred to a bank's electronic payment environment. 

• PayPal: You can pay your order via the popular Paypal online payment platform.

• Bank Deposit: You can pay your order by making a bank deposit in the following account. Please do not forget to include your name and order number in the details.

*Deposit of money to a company account must be made within 2 business days of confirmation of the order.


IBAN: GR6702602690000970200629319

Beneficiary: 2001 - S. MAVRIDOU & CO